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♪ Favorite songs at the moment ; may - june ☆ミ - 5/25/2013

Good evening cupcakes ~

Apologies for not posting in a few weeks, but I just thought I'd let you know I haven't abandoned ship, I'm just currently in the last few weeks of school and things are kind of crazy right now, including 12 + hour school days. e______e '
So anyways, I thought I'd make a music related post because I don't really think I have before! I used to have a new YouTube video on the side of my blog every week under Song Of The Week, but the way my layout is there isn't enough room for it ;__; so I decided to make my first post about this since I've been listening to music practically 24/7 recently! ♥

1. Demolition Lovers - My Chemical Romance ♪
Genre : Alternative / Rock

This is a band that's very dear to me, they were the very first band I ever listened to in 4th grade, the first band I loved, first music I ever owned & had on my very first MP3 player, I wrote to their songs, cried to their songs, made art to their songs, I grew up with them and they became a part of me. About a month ago while scrolling down twitter a blogger tweeted that they had broken up, and I saw that they were trending on the left side of the screen. My stomach dropped and I went cold, because ever since I was a little girl my biggest dream was to see my heroes live. I spent that whole night crying, I subscribed to the frontman + one of the guitarist's twitters (lame but I needed to keep up with them) and I've listened to them nonstop since that day, and it's a very bittersweet feeling. I love this song because it's from their very first album, when they sounded so raw and angry, and this song is just so romantic and the imagery of their songs is always beautiful, Gerard's (vocalist) voice so full of raw emotion and soul. It actually inspired me to make this:

2. Leviathan - LeATHERMØUTH ♪
Genre : Hardcore Punk / Punk Rock

Leathermouth!!!! ♡ oh man. So for those of you who don't know, I am a HUGE fan of harder styles of music (punk rock, death metal, black metal, thrash, etc.) so when I found out that one of the guitarists in My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero, had his own band that he was a vocalist in, I fell in love! I love his screams, the chord progression, it just speaks to me, man. Catchy catchy tune!

3. Where Are My F*cking Pills - Death Spells ♪
Genre : Industrial / Noise

Ok so I also happen to be a huge fan of Industrial and Noisey types of music ish? If it helps you understand, I grew up with Nine Inch Nails & what not ; the The Perfect Drug MV was one of the first things I put on my very first MP3 player! Woot wooot. So yeah, this song definitely makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. Oh by the way, did I mention the vocalist is Frank Iero, again? This is his very latest brand new project, like, their music isn't even online for download yet and I'm so glad I discovered them early on, I really hope they come to SoCal one day! (he's based in NJ)
Oh & btw. Dat outro. Listen with headphones for full effect! (✿ ♡‿♡)

4. Polyrhythm - Perfume ♪
Genre : J-Pop / Dance Pop

I discovered this song while listening to Kyary Pamyupamyu Pandora radio, & it's just the most adorable happy song ever!! ♡ and SO catchy, omg. I love J-Pop and you'll definitely love Perfume if you like Kyary!~

5. Empty Streets - Late Night Alumni ♪
Genre : Trance / Chill / House

If you enjoy electronic music and ESPECIALLY trance, you'll definitely appreciate this song. It gives me such good vibes, & clears my head. It's so quiet, peaceful, and her voice is so so soothing. Definitely a sleepy time song~ ♥

6. Song of Time - Aoi Teshima ♪
Genre : Peaceful / Soundtrack / Piano With Vocals

This song is in the ending credits from one of my top 3 favorite Studio Ghibli films, Tales From Earthsea / ゲド戦記 . This film was actually directed by Gorō Miyazaki, Hayao Miyazaki's son. It's a lot darker and different from all the other films, and maybe that's why I love it so much. This song is really beautiful and peaceful, there's just something about the Japanese language that is so pretty to me, especially in song form. I always listen to this when I need calm or peace, or when I just can't sleep hehe. = w =

I hope you guys enjoyed these songs!! If you liked them, please leave a comment so I know whether or not to do more posts like these! I like sharing things I love with all of you, hehe ♥

xo Tofu

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