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Rakuten wishlist! ✩ - 5/26/2013
Hey party people~~

I got random inspiration to make a blog post today, weird huh? O_____O ;
So my friend Kiersten showed me some items on Rakuten, which is basically like Japan's eBay / Taobao. I stay far away from shopping services (to buy on Taobao, which is China's eBay, you have to use a shopping service and the site is only in Chinese) but she told me a lot of Rakuten sites do international shipping, + the site has an English version! Score~

So, after doing some investigating of my own, welp.... ;_____;

Image and video hosting by TinyPic  1 ♡ 2 ♡ 3 ♡ 4 ♡ 5 ♡ 6 ♡ 7 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Isn't it all so beautiful ;______; i'm so in love with Japanese-style street punk and the punk style here too, i just wanna buy all the things~ everything except # 7 are from a Japanese street style brand called Super Lovers! I'm in love with their clothing~ and it's not super expensive either for being brand. 

I have a pair of high-waisted double zipper shorts that would go perfectly with that red cardigan ;__;  + black rocking horse shoes. & I'd pair leggings + black chunky platform boots or black creepers & a black puffball beanie with the stripe top, and the pastel cardis with the chain skirts with a pair of super cool tights. Online shopping, y u do this to me? This comes out to about $200 before shipping ;______________; OTL.

There's also this skirt that I've been super duper eyeing on Bodyline as well~

I would cut off the lace & it would go so perfect with everything oh my goodness ; A ;

Well that pretty much concludes my post~
Thanks for reading about all the things I want LOL *sigh* 
Have a great night! ^^

xo Tofu

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