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GUYS GUYS GUYS IM BACK (lengthy) - 11/23/2013

Okay so, i know you guys probably hate me.. i know i know. I am so super gomen 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 it's been over a year since i started this blog... crazy, right?
Truthfully guys, i have but a few weeks until I'm finished with my first semester of senior year.
And so much has happened.

So. Much.

To start things off, as you lovely people may or may not know, i was homeschooled last year~ i developed super crazy social anxiety, went outside my house like once a week etc etc so going back to public school this semester was pretty much absolutely terrifying for me, especially since I've never had many school friends.

But this year has been absolutely amazing to me, it was my fresh start and it went so so so much better than I had ever hoped all because of improvements i made to myself - which I'm planning on making a separate post for.

Bottom line is that this semester has helped me grow, be happy, experience new things and I just feel... free. And so very blessed, and for that I'm forever grateful. Going back to public school was the best decision I've made in my school career. (✿ ´ ‿ ` )

Which brings me to my next point hue hue hue.......

MEET THE BOYFU <3 this qt's name is Richard, and I was lucky enough to cross paths with him the beginning of the semester~ he's a cosplayer, an amazing artist, funny and yeah pretty much perfect in every way and i'm super lucky //doki doki (even tho he's a big baka)

I feel extremely bad for not updating because one thing I haven't told you guys is i've gotten REALLY into cosplaying. Like... it's my number one passion, I can't see myself doing anything else status.. and I've done quite a few since the last time I updated~ here's some of them!! :3 (in order all the way back from AX omg..... im so sorry guys i've been such a bad blog owner OTL)

Fem! Red Scout (and my qt Sniper) from TF2 (Anime Expo + SDCC 2013)

Fem! Red Demoman from TF2 (San Diego Comic Con 2013)

Fem! Red Pyro from TF2 ((PAX Prime 2013 - my first out of state con!!! ;u; i bet u guys are loving my variety LOL))

Cleaning! Heichou // Annie Leonhardt from Attack On Titan (5-minute coses)

Mikasa Ackerman from Attack On Titan (Halloween 2013 - wON ANIME CLUB'S COSTUME CONTEST BTW AAHHHH)

Marceline The Vampire Queen from Adventure Time (PMX 2013)

Ai Enma from Hell Girl (Anime Expo 2013)

Rin Matsuoka from Free! (in progress along with Yuno Gasai for ALA.... HEHEHEH)

Sorry for selca spam~ but yeah, cosplaying has really become something that makes me extremely happy.. i just love everything about it. 

I'll try to make a few more posts getting into further detail this week, as it's Thanksgiving break :D but for now, you can follow me on Instagram where i post daily~~
Also, it appears my comment form is missing.. I'm not sure how to fix it, ahh D: so if you could be so kind, if you'd like to leave a comment on any of my posts just click the clock on the side! I'd really appreciate it <3

And now, i leave you with a song of the week ★

Thank you so much for reading!!!
♡ -Tofu

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